Venue FAQs

Profile Settings

Venues have to contact WePlay directly to get their venue listed on the app. You can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Click on the ‘Menu Icon’ on the top left corner of the homepage> Click ‘Venue Info’ > Click ‘Edit’ on the top right corner, scroll down and add your venue’s image.

Click on the ‘Menu Icon’ on the top left corner of the homepage> Click ‘Activities, Prices & Time slots’, on the bottom of the page, click ‘Add Activities’> Select the desired sport you want to add.

Click on ‘Menu Icon’ > Click ‘Activities, Price & Time slots’ > Click your offered service (Futsal) > Click ‘Manage Prices’> Choose your Business Days > Select Ground > Select time slot whose price needs to be edited > Click ‘Enter Price’> Enter New Price> Enter ‘Save Changes’.

Venues cannot delete their account. Please contact WePlay at [email protected] or [email protected] to delete your bookings.

WePlay will delete a venue profile if the venue:

Is engaged in any form of illegal activities as defined by the Nepalese Law

Is violating the terms of Contract

Is enticing violence among WePlay Customers

Is sending inappropriate messages to the Customers through the app

If WePlay receives complaints of misconduct regarding the venue

Managing Bookings

To view your online and offline customers, select ‘Players’ on the bottom of the homepage> Click ‘View All Customers’, scroll through the respective ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ option to find your desired customer’s profile or enter their name in the search bar.

Managing Finances

To access your monthly finances, click on ‘Finances’ on the bottom of your homepage. Click on the side arrows on each side of the displayed month to go back and forth from the current month to access revenue generated through WePlay and Offline customers.

Discounts and Offers

If you have an ongoing offer that you’d like to integrate in your WePlay venue profile, you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Contacting Customers

You can contact customers who have booked your venue by directly messaging them. For this, Click ‘Inbox’ on the bottom of your homepage, select the customer you want to interact with and send desired messages directly.

Personal information of customers such as their phone number are not being shared to protect customer’s privacy. Please use WePlay's messaging feature to communicate with your customers directly.

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